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Advent Calendars

Vermont Christmas Company offers the biggest and best selection of Advent Calendars in the U.S.! We manufacture and import over 300 unique designs including both traditional paper and chocolate designs. You'll find popular features such as glitter, bible text, holiday poems, envelopes and more. You're sure to find something to please you and your customers!

Read more about the great Advent Calendar Tradition.

What's New for 2017
Find a unique selection of traditional paper designs, chocolate filled Advent calendars, Color Your Own countdown products and more!
Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendars
Open a window each day during Advent to find a piece of premium milk chocolate! Our exclusive designs include bible text or a verse from a holiday poem behind each window. This unique feature coupled with our quality chocolate makes a superior product you won't find elsewhere.
Traditional Nativity & Religious Designs
Open a window each day to reveal a special picture. Many designs include glitter on the calendar. Some designs also include bible verse. Our collection includes many exclusive designs as well as European & German Advent calendars.
New for 2017 (10)
Medium Nativity & Religious (41)
Square Nativity & Religious (2)
Large Nativity & Religious (17)
Jumbo Nativity Advents (3)
Nativity with Envelopes (8)
Spanish Designs (2)
Traditional Santa, Holiday & Winter Designs
Open a window each day during Advent to reveal a special picture. Most of our signature design feature a story, game or other text on the back of the windows. Designs also feature traditional glitter on the front.
New for 2017 (18)
Medium Santa & Winter (52)
Square Santa & Winter (5)
Large Santa & Winter (32)
Jumbo Santa & Winter (4)
Santa & Winter with Envelopes (6)
Spanish Designs (1)
Traditional Free Standing & Treasure Box Advents
Open a window each day to reveal a special picture. These calendars sit easily on any table top or flat surface and make a great 3-D effect. Many designs include glitter. Some Nativity designs also include bible verse.
Nativity & Religious Designs (3)
Santa & Holiday Designs (10)
Treasure Box Advents (3)
Fabric Advent Calendars
These beautifully crafted Advent calendars come with velcro affixed stuffed figures that are removed from the pockets and added to the scene each day of Advent. Quality material and stitching mean these calendars can be used year after year.
Advent Calendars with Stickers
Sticker fun for kids! These great calendars combine the popularity of stickers with the Advent calendar tradition. Each day during Advent a sticker is added to the background to complete the holiday scene.
Greeting Card Advent Calendars
Advent windows are on the front and each card is blank inside. Cards measure 5"x7" when folded. A red envelope is included with each design. Free countertop display available or cards fit easily in any standard card rack. Great for early Christmas cards!
Nativity & Religious Designs (11)
Santa & Holiday Designs (11)
Unique Advent Calendars & Candles
This unique collection includes Color Your Own Advent Calendars, Treasure Box Advent Calendars, Countdown Candles and more!

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