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Advent Calendars, Advent Wreaths & Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles
Advent Calendars
Vermont Christmas Company offers the biggest and best selection of Advent Calendars in the U.S. Choose from hundreds of styles and designs!
Find traditional, chocolate & fabric designs sure to please your customers.
Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles
A fun and educational activity the whole family
can enjoy together.
100-1000 pieces
A perfect gift!
Advent Wreaths and Candles
Advent Wreaths &
Advent Candles
The centerpiece of the
Christmas season.
A tasteful and affordable collection of Advent wreaths and candles
Advent Wreaths & Advent Candles
Halloween Puzzles
& Countdown
Build the anticipation for this popular holiday.
The Countdown begins
October 1.
Retail Racks
Retail Racks
A great addition to any retail store setting!
Jigsaw Puzzle and Chocolate Advent displays available.

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards
Chocolate Advent Calendars
Chocolate Advent Calendars
Chocolate Advent Calendars
Fabric Advent Calendars
Fabric Advent
Countdown to Christmas Calendar
Advent Calendar with Spinner

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